There Is A Rapping Weatherman And He Is Shockingly Great

“I make it rain, I make it rain on them homes.”

1. This is Nick Kosir. He’s a weatherman for KMVT CBS 11 / KTWT FOX 14 in Idaho. Also, he raps. This is his latest video of hot weather fire rhymes.

ID: 1060622

2. Here he is being a straight up thug about rain or something.

ID: 1060703

3. All of his raps are downloadable. If you’re looking for some sweet meteorological tunes.

ID: 1060636

4. According to his website:

ID: 1060664

“Meteorologist Nick Kosir, better known as The Rapping Weatherman, has gained national attention for his accurate and entertaining forecasts.

Kosir currently resides in Twin Falls, Idaho, where he hosts a morning and noon newscast with his wife. The two work for CBS and FOX affiliate KMVT/KTWT. Prior to moving to the northwest, Kosir worked as a morning meteorologist at FOX affiliate KBTV in Beaumont, Texas and as the Weather Director at WMFD in Mansfield, Ohio.”

ID: 1060675

6. Here’s him rapping in 3D.

ID: 1060659

7. And here’s him in an epic rap battle between Mother Nature and Old Man Winter (he plays Old Man Winter).

ID: 1060723

8. Lastly, here’s a post from his Facebook that’s hashtagged YOLO. Which is amazing.

ID: 1060743

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