The Strange And Secret Battle Between Cats And Watermelon

Cats and watermelon have been locked in an adorable, yet vicious battle for centuries. Take a look at the secret melon-feline war.

1. Some photos of cats battling their oblong-shaped enemies

ID: 205652

This cat is giving the watermelon the silent treatment.

ID: 205660

8. Animated GIFs of cats giving those melons what for

ID: 205662

12. Videos of cats devouring their round and juicy foes [WARNING GRAPHIC]

ID: 205697
ID: 205682
ID: 205690
ID: 205684
ID: 205694
ID: 205709
ID: 205717

This video is 7-minutes of melon-shredding carnage. Watch at your own risk!

ID: 205721
ID: 205729
ID: 205731

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