The Internet Turned A Guy’s Wife Into A Brand-New Meme After He Uploaded A Photo Of Her As A Little Girl

Introducing “the 60-year-old girl” meme. UPDATE: Turns out she thinks it’s hilarious!

1. Monday night, Reddit user Beerdrummer uploaded a photo of his wife as a little girl, pointing out that she used to look like a 60-year-old woman.

ID: 2123457

2. But, as anyone on the internet knows, sometimes these things can spiral out of control…

ID: 2123437

4. And take on a life of their own…

ID: 2123439

6. The original poster deleted his account soon after posting it because the picture took off so fast.

ID: 2123442

8. So let this be a public service announcement for everyone out there.

ID: 2123444

10. Don’t put a photo of your loved ones on the internet.

ID: 2123440

12. No matter how much they might look like a tiny version of a 60-year-old woman.

ID: 2123447

14. BuzzFeed got in touch with Beerdrummer, who said that he and his wife have been dying laughing about what’s happened since the image went viral.

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