The Internet Lazily Responds To Snow Storm Nemo

Man, the internet sure is phoning it in today.

1. People are making some pretty great photoshops.

ID: 871492

7. This one is pretty creative actually.

ID: 871507

8. And Bawston has some pretty good signs too, like this one…

This picture is old, but you know what they say… everything cold is new again!

ID: 871515

9. Or this one…

ID: 871658

10. Because stocking up on supplies is a must.

ID: 871710

12. People are taking it very seriously.

ID: 871659

13. And listening to their local meteorologists.

ID: 871521
ID: 871661

15. And following their governors’ advice…

ID: 872185

16. People are just generally taking this storm very, very seriously.

ID: 871663

19. And twitter users are tweeting out great tips for prepping for the storm.

ID: 872195

23. Ha-ha, amazing!

ID: 872206

24. Can’t wait for another two days of this!

ID: 872224

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