Teenager Says “F#@k Her Right In The P#$&y” In Front Of Whole School, Becomes School Legend

He saw his chance and damn if he didn’t take it. If you couldn’t tell by the cartoon swearing in the headline, NSFW language ahead.

1. YouTube user mitchhit 234 uploaded this video of a senior at Marquette High School in St. Louis, Missouri, saying “fuck her right in the pussy” during a school-wide assembly.

Update — Aug. 31, 6:25 p.m.: Tragically the video was taken off YouTube.

2. Marquette High School does a trivia competition every Thursday, and the kid who drops the now-world famous phrase is in the gray T-shirt.

3. The meme was originally invented by YouTube prankster John Cain, who filmed a video where “Fred” — an actor Cain hired — says “fuck her right in the pussy” during a fake local news broadcast.


4. The Marquette student was apparently trying to answer a question about how much money the school had raised. The winning student would have gotten a pizza.

5. According to the video’s description, he was pulled out of the room by the principal and suspended for five days.

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