So Long, Fung Wah Chinatown Bus, We Hardly Knew Ye

RIP super-dangerous but incredibly inexpensive Chinatown bus.

1. Massachusetts state inspectors have declared the Fung Wah Bus an “imminent hazard,” aiming to shut down operations for the infamous Chinatown bus line.

ID: 935551

2. Inspectors looked at nine buses and found serious problems with eight of them.

ID: 935565

3. The Fung Wah bus line has had a history of problems, like rollovers, crashes, and buses being engulfed in flames…

ID: 935568

4. But Fung Wah shutting down is a total bummer for those of us who relied on its cheap and totally stylish service.

ID: 935558

5. Fung Wah took passengers from NYC to Boston and Boston to NYC for $15, and while, yes, there was always a chance your bus could catch fire, it wasn’t THAT bad.

ID: 935566

6. I mean, look at that stylish bus.

ID: 935578

7. And the seats — man, were they seats. And they sort of even reclined!

ID: 935656

8. Plus, you aways met the nicest people riding the Fung Wah.

ID: 935624

9. There’s so much to miss about the Fung Wah, like the excitement of wondering whether your bus would show up on time or not.

ID: 935671

10. Or wondering if your bus driver would stop for food along the way.

ID: 935704

11. You never knew if you’d stop at a rest stop. It was exciting! One time, I actually stopped at an Arby’s. What a day.

ID: 935749

12. And if they did stop for food there was, of course, always the chance they’d leave you.

ID: 935762

13. But in all seriousness, it’s hard not to love the imperfections of the Fung Wah.

ID: 935681

14. There was just something about it.

ID: 935724

15. Good-bye, Fung Wah bus…

ID: 935734

16. And so long!

ID: 935727

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