A Haaretz Columnist Started A Rumor That Rihanna Supports Palestine

Updated: Haaretz posted a correction to its original article on Thursday.

1. Update - Oct. 24, 6:59 a.m., ET

Details are coming out that Rihanna changing the lyrics to her song was not correct. All the previous articles about her changing the lyrics are sourced to the original Haaretz piece.

Haaretz posted the following:

The original headline for this article has been changed (from “All Rihanna sees ‘is Palestine,’ but Israelis didn’t seem to care”) and part of a sentence was removed from the story (“in “Pour it Up” instead of “All I see is signs / All I see is dollar signs,” she subbed in “All I see is Palestine.”) Upon reviewing video footage of the show posted after publication, it is clear that the change in lyrics attributed to Rihanna was mistaken. The footage can be found here.

2. Rihanna performed in Tel Aviv, Israel, Tuesday night in support of her Diamonds World Tour.

3. It was reported that the singer was an hour late to take the stage at Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park.

4. But the real standout moment happened when she changed some of the lyrics to her song “Pour It Up.”

5. Amy Klein from Haaretz wrote up the concert, and took more of an issue with the fact that Rihanna never said the word “Israel” while on stage.

She apologized for keeping the audience waiting – but her fans didn’t seem to mind.

Nor did they care when in “Pour it Up” instead of “All I see is signs / All I see is dollar signs,” she subbed in “All I see is Palestine,” or the fact that she just kept inserting calls of “Tel Aviv!” in every song – never once saying the word Israel.

6. The lyrical change caused mixed reactions among Rihanna fans.

I think having Rihanna change her Pour it Up lyrics in support of Palestine is a liability, not a win. Hot mess.

— itssilverfox (@Reem.)

I would have rather @rihanna boycotted her show in Tel Aviv, but I guess I'll take saying "#Palestine"....#BDS #FreePalestine

— renoona (@Rana Haddad)

@rihanna @sallyidwedar fuck palestine

— AurelieHaccoun (@aurelie haccoun)

9. But perhaps most confusingly, Rihanna tagged all of her Instagram photos taken while in Tel Aviv with the #Israel hashtag.

“Touch down at the Dead Sea!! #Israel by @gomillionandleupold”

10. So many are calling it a bit of a mixed message.

#TelAviv #52000 #stadiumstatz

11. To make matters more confusing, Lahav Harkov, a reporter for The Jerusalem Post, claims that the entire incident didn’t happen.

@MiriamElder I was there and I didn't hear her say it. Only Haaretz reported it. I really don't think it's true.

— LahavHarkov (@Lahav Harkov)

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