Pop Star Ariana Grande Rented A Sloth For Her Boyfriend’s Birthday

More importantly: DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN RENT SLOTHS?! posted on

1. Teen popstar Ariana Grande rented a SLOTH for her boyfriend’s birthday.

I'm probably the only girl who would surprise her boyfriend with another girl for his birthday. 😛 This is Lola!!!

2. (This is her if you’ve never heard of her before, she was on Nickelodeon for a while too)

3. More importantly, she rented a sloth named Lola and Lola looks pretty darn chill.

5. Basically, a birthday sloth is the best and only thing anyone should get for their birthday.

7. Ugh, Ariana’s boyfriend, get out of the photo, give us some more Lola.

8. Much better.

Bye bye Lola!! Thank you so so much Bob's Animal Service for letting her spend the night with us :)

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