People Losing Their Minds Over This Terrifying Baby Prank Is Unbelievably Funny

There’s nothing not funny about this.

1. This is the “Devil Baby Attack” and it’s a viral marketing stunt to promote the new horror movie Devil’s Due.

ID: 2281983

2. The premise is simple: Disgusting animatronic baby monster in a remote controlled stroller.

ID: 2282015

3. Then you unleash it on the poor, unsuspecting people.

ID: 2282014

4. And they all…

ID: 2282013

5. Completely…

ID: 2282012

6. Lose their freaking minds.

ID: 2282011

7. Which makes sense because I mean look at that thing.

ID: 2282008

8. Dang, baby, you scary.

ID: 2282009

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