9 People Doing The Condom Challenge

If you don’t know already, the condom challenge is when you snort a condom up your nose and pull it out of your mouth. Ewwwwwww.

Here’s a quick GIF guide to this disgusting, horrible thing that no one should ever do.

1. Teenagers are doing it and then posting it to YouTube for some reason.

2. Teenage girls are doing it.

3. Teenage boys are doing it.

4. And not just American teenagers. Here are two from the U.K.

5. A great activity for friends.

6. This video claims it’s the originator of the condom challenge, but there are condom challenge videos dating back to 10 months ago.

7. These three girls made a party out of it.

8. It’s all the rage. This girl did two condom challenges right in a row.

9. It’s pretty much the worst thing in the whole world.

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