Meet Mr. Wall Street, Instagram’s Newest Insanely Rich Person

@mrwallstreet83 doesn’t have a lot followers, but he totally should. Meet your new favorite mega-wealthy Instagram dude.

1. He loves really nice views, like this one from a penthouse.

ID: 1210384

2. Or this penthouse.

ID: 1210379

3. This one is captioned “#MONEYNEVERSLEEP.”

ID: 1210375

4. He takes selfies. This one is captioned: “#wallstreet #harvard #stanford #trader #hedgefund #hedgefunds #wealth #wealthy #gq #vogue #givenchy #nyc #nasdaq #nikkei #fortune500 #goldmansachs #bullmarket.”

ID: 1210388

5. This is a casual selfie.

ID: 1210392

6. This one is tagged “#DRESS4SUCCESS.”

ID: 1210394

7. And he seems to love watches.

ID: 1210400

8. Notice the very subtle Lamborghini placement.

ID: 1210402

9. He also likes shoes a lot.

ID: 1210403

10. Dang.

ID: 1210409

11. According to New York Magazine, Mr. Wall Street is a real guy, a 29-year-old Canadian real-estate broker named Martin Lavoie.

ID: 1210437

12. His bio reads: “In the business of not giving a fuck what you think and business is really good.”

ID: 1210440

13. Alrighty, well that’s good to hear business is good.

ID: 1210455

14. Keep on doing you, Mr. Wall Street.

ID: 1210460

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