Is It Sexist To Trash Miley Cyrus’ Bizarre VMAs Performance?

No one’s talking about the fact Robin Thicke is a married man with a son.

1. Pictures of Miley Cyrus’ now-infamous VMAs performance immediately became a meme last night.

2. But many users are upset that Cyrus was made fun of so heavily for being sexual on stage.

4. Rapper Kitty Pryde defended Cyrus on her blog last night, writing “white girls are not allowed to move their butts.”

7. Is it sexist to bash Miley Cyrus for being just as sexual as Robin Thicke?

9. Robin Thicke was made fun of for looking like Beetlejuice (also a referee and the Foot Locker guy).

11. Like this picture that made it to the front page of Reddit Monday morning joking that Billy Ray Cyrus wished that Miley Cyrus was never born because of her VMAs performance.

14. Comedian Kevin Hart even referenced Thicke’s creepiness, after the “We Can’t Stop”/”Blurred Lines” performance ended.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

17. Thought Catalog’s Chelsea Fagan wrote this morning that trashing child stars has become a national sport.

Fagan critcizes the way people find it cathartic to trash her for being a “slut.”

When we are fed such a filtered, managed image of a human being for so many years — an image so thoroughly scrubbed for family-friendliness that we begin to doubt their humanity at all — it’s a particularly cathartic experience to see them fall. Hannah Montana was so pure, in such a manufactured way. Miley Cyrus gets to be dragged through the mud as a “gross slut,” and that is fun. That is the downfall her story arc was always looking for.

19. Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarboroug railed against Cyrus for a full 5 minutes Monday morning.

20. Co-host Mika Brzezinski seemed completely beside herself over the performance saying that Cyrus was ” pathetic, desperate, sick” and “clearly disturbed.”

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