HADOKEN-ing Is Japan’s Hottest New Meme And It Is Awesome

Everyone stop doing stuff, this is the best meme.

1. It’s great, you can do it anywhere, like in the middle of the street:

ID: 1021519

4. Or in school:

ID: 1021522

7. Outside of a restaurant:

ID: 1021529

10. Or even in gym class:

ID: 1021536

13. Pretty sure this needs to catch on in the U.S., right?

ID: 1021558

16. FYI if you dont get what they’re doing:

ID: 1021600

19. BuzzFeed even did one. You’ve seriously gotta try it!

Macey J. Foronda
ID: 1024669

20. Here’s a how-to if you’re still mystified on how to pull off this incredible thing.

ID: 1034988

Via imgur.com

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