How To Take The Perfect Mirror Shot

Follow this simple guide and never take a bad bathroom selfie again.

1. OK, first of all, put a shirt on.

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2. And DO NOT use an iPad.

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3. And definitely make sure your YOLO tattoo doesn’t photograph backwards (or maybe just don’t have a YOLO tattoo).

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4. And maybe don’t get a tattoo of yourself doing a mirror shot.

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5. Now, before you start make sure no one else is in the room.

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9. Unless it’s a group shot!

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10. Or you could use your twin (if you have a twin, not everyone is a twin).

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11. Maybe don’t use your cat.

ID: 750587

12. And don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

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16. Nice use of potato chips.

ID: 750591

17. Ew, no, wrong. Stop.

ID: 750563

18. OK, this has gotten really off track.

ID: 750658

19. Whoa.

ID: 750551

21. Maybe don’t use your laptop…

ID: 750554

23. And if you’re trying to be sexy put the kids away.

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27. And if you use photoshop to do touch up, photoshop both arms.

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28. And while it always helps to be Stanley Kubrick, that’s not really an option for most people.

ID: 750562

29. All these rules are kind of confusing and stressful. If only there was another way…

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