The “In Me Mum’s Car” Vine Has Officially Become The Hottest Meme Of The Summer

Welcome to the summer of broom broom.

1. It’s been a little over a week since British teenager Tish Simmonds appeared on Vine.

ID: 3527059

2. And, basically, everyone’s lost their damn minds.

ID: 3527114

4. They’re putting her into movies.

ID: 3527128

WHAT #LadyGaga #BroomBroom #Beyonce

— childish brandino (@brandonggarcia1)
ID: 3530126

8. They’ve turned her into a card for Valentine’s Day.

ID: 3526841

9. There’s one for her mom, too.

ID: 3526845

10. There are Photoshops.

ID: 3527248

13. She’s become an icon.

RT if you get it

— Get Out My Car (@GetOutMyCarrr)
ID: 3527285

16. There are inspirational posters.

ID: 3527177

18. She’s become a true celebrity.

ID: 3527199

19. Even the president heard about her.

.@BarackObama Me too!

— Adam Davis (@amdhit)
ID: 3527288

(NOTE: The president did not actually tweet about “Get Out Me Car” girl.)

ID: 3527414

21. Simmonds has also collaborated with a ton of big-time pop stars, like Nicki Minaj, One Direction, and Taylor Swift.

ID: 3526878
ID: 3527085
ID: 3527182

24. She’s all over the map.

ID: 3527202
ID: 3527211
ID: 3527270
ID: 3527329

28. But it makes sense that she’s everywhere. Her Vine had so much depth to it.

ID: 3528344

29. And now she’s pretty much unstoppable.

ID: 3528323

31. All hail Tish Simmonds, queen of the internet!

ID: 3527489

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