Every Really Tense And Awkward Moment From Kanye West’s Appearance On “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Man, what an interview.

1. So it started a LITTLE awkwardly. Jimmy talked about Kanye’s tweets in the monologue.

ID: 1782042

2. He also mentioned his rapping dictionary.

ID: 1782043

3. And then Kanye West came out and they shook hands and hugged kind of.

ID: 1781924

4. And it got a little awkward when Kanye West walked over to the couch.

ID: 1781930

5. When Kanye West politely laughed when Jimmy Kimmel asked him who he was wearing.

ID: 1782044
ID: 1782045

7. When Jimmy Kimmel asked Kanye West about his gold grills and Kanye West corrected him saying he’s had them for three years.

ID: 1781973

8. When Jimmy Kimmel played a clip from the original sketch.

ID: 1781977

9. When Kanye West kind of sort of apologized for his tweets.

ID: 1781983

10. When Jimmy Kimmel told Kanye West people think he’s a jerk.

ID: 1782046

11. And then Kanye West did this.

ID: 1782048

12. When Jimmy Kimmel showed this photo of Kanye West hanging out with Jimmy’s dad.

ID: 1781985

13. When Kanye West mentioned the fact he thought he was genius.

ID: 1783438

15. When Kanye West broke the fourth wall.

ID: 1782020

16. When Jimmy Kimmel made Kanye West watch ANOTHER sketch making fun of him.

ID: 1782023

17. When Jimmy Kimmel gave Kanye West baby leather jogging pants for North West.

ID: 1782025

18. And when Kanye West made a very, very passionate pointed comment about where he comes from and how he views the future.

ID: 1782035

19. And then lastly, this handshake.

ID: 1782038

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