Did You Know That High Schoolers Are Sharing Absolutely Adorable #Promposals On Instagram?

Dang, who knew teenagers were so romantic these days?

1. It’s prom season!

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2. And as they do with most things, teenagers are sharing their awesome #Promposals on Instagram.

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3. And holy cow, are some of these kids clever.

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4. Some are going with a cute pun.

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5. I mean, for real, how could you say no to a banana?

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6. Others are surprising their special someone during their favorite sport.

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7. I guess this climber really took a LEAP of faith with this one, hahaha sorry.

ID: 2642941

8. This guy went big, but also kept is casual. Nice.

ID: 2643080

9. Others used their car as the perfect prop for a parking lot promposal.

ID: 2642978

10. This is a surprisingly romantic way to ask someone to prom using mud, to be honest.

ID: 2642974

11. This girl got a freaking promposal SHEEP. That’s one way to make the rest of the school jealous.

ID: 2642951

12. Other kids went with the classic locker promposal.

ID: 2642997

13. Forget roses, this kid knows the fastest way to a teenager’s heart is obviously with Starbucks.

ID: 2642999

14. This one is pretty much perfect.

ID: 2642929

15. This one is great because not only do you get a prom date, you get chicken wings!

ID: 2642990

16. And this one, you just have to press play to see. It’s super cute.

ID: 2642986

17. Now, not everyone can have a team of firefighters to help them out…

ID: 2643006

18. But a drumline works just as well!

ID: 2643085

19. Or the beautiful words of John Green’s Fault in Our Stars.

ID: 2643040

20. Shooting ranges can be a romantic spot if you’re smooth enough.

ID: 2643095

21. But also, it’s nice to know that even with all this mushy Instagram love, teenagers are still teenagers:

ID: 2643190

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