22 Cringeworthy Ways To Tell The World You’re Pregnant

The miracle of life might be beautiful, but it’s also really weird and gross and embarrassing. NSFWish language ahead.

1. There’s the old standby of posing with a jar of tomato sauce.

4. The “my husband is pregnant too” pose.

8. Here it is in classy black and white.

9. The joke is Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”…

10. The two cat parents that are having a cub.

11. And the before and after baby-in-a-mesh-bag-thing pose.

12. There’s the dirty-joke needlepoint.

13. Or the “thumbs up in front of my wife vomiting” pose.

16. Some people just take the whole thing straight to Facebook.

17. “Oops, I’m pregnant again.”

19. “Honey, what if I attach a hose to your stomach and…”

20. This couple decided on the “flirty bunny” pregnancy photo package for some reason.

21. You could tell everyone during the big game.

22. Or do whatever the hell is this.

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Ryan Broderick is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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