Bryan Cranston Wore A Really Terrifying Bryan Cranston Mask To Comic-Con

He then took the mask off and kissed it. Then Aaron Paul kissed it. It was weird.

1. If you bumped into anyone wearing a pretty life-like Walter White mask at Comic-Con over the weekend, chances are it was actually Bryan Cranston.

2. According to Entertainment Weekly, Cranston wore a Walter White mask while mingling with fans.

Cranston kept the mood light by coming out in a fairly convincing mask that gave him Walter White’s iconic shaved-head look. He revealed that he worn it while walking the floor at Comic-Con, chatting with unassuming fans and disguising his voice in a higher register.

4. During the Breaking Bad panel, Cranston took the mask off kept it on the table during the panel.

5. And then, of course, had Aaron Paul nuzzle up with it.

6. Ew.

I don’t know how to describe what’s happening w/Bryan Cranston & this Walter White mask at #BreakingBad panel. #sdcc

— LacyMB (@Lacy Baugher)

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