Brazilian School Kids Have Been Learning English By Correcting Celebrities’ Grammar On Twitter

“Hi, @justinbieber my name is Maria, I’m 9 and I’m a fan from Brazil, watch out: it’s ‘we’re here’ not ‘we here’” posted on

1. Red Balloon is the leading English school in Brazil and a few months ago they had their students correct celebrities’ tweets.

A great quarterback is only as strong as his team,Right? The MAN need a stronger line, people!

Hi, @TheSlyStallone I'm Theo, I’m 8 and I’m from Brazil. Look, you wrote ȁcneedȁd but it’s ȁcneedsȁd.Love the Expendables

Hi @rihanna! I love your songs. My name is Carolina. I'm 11 years old. It's not to she, it's to her. bye bye .

3. The kids would tweet back at the celebrities, explaining politely what was wrong in their tweets.

Hello guys ,It have been an age that I didn't tweet , thanks all for your amaizing messages .DAN XX

@DanieIRadcIiffe Dear Harry Potter, I'm Gabriel, from Brazil. Your tweet has 2 mistakes: "it has been" and "amazing".


Up early getting ready to film Chelsea Lately today with the whole fam! Were taking over tonight!!!

@KimKardashian, you're beautiful. I'm Ana Beatriz from Brazil, I'm 8. Look, you wrote Were, but it's "we're". Kisses.

5. According to a video about the project, the teachers at the school wanted to make sure the kids knew their idols weren’t right when it came to spelling and grammar.

Just got out of the pool, went for a night swim with @RiverViiperi. The pool is as warm as bath water. Feels amazing. Loves it.

@ParisHilton! I'm Marcus from Brazil. I'm 11 years old. May I help you? It's not loves it, it's love it. Kisses.


Some video games. Some old movies... That was a long bus ride. But we here. #sleep

Hi, @justinbieber! My name is Maria, I'm 9 and I'm a fan from Brazil. Watch out: it's "we're here" not "we here". : )

7. All the students were between 8 and 13-years-old and they called themselves The Celeb Grammar Cops.

@ryanlochte Hi, I’m Louise from Brazil. I'm 9 and I love sports too! Look, you missed an A in "heard". Best!


That phoenix crowed was completely and utterly insane. Just did #4showsin4days in three states. I will be sleeping for the next 24hrs.

@ladygaga I'm Milena, 10 years old from Brazil. You're great but your tweet has a mistake: crowd doesn't have "e". S2

9. They’re definitely the most polite correctors of grammar on the Internet, that’s for sure.

short break from the kooky part of my brane check out who I had pleasure of taking to school this morn! c ♥ #LoveDad

@charliesheen I'm Rafael from Brazil. Big fan. But man, use your "brain", not your "brane": ) Your show is great!


So many peeps I love birrrfday is today! Gotta celllllebratttteee ❤❤❤

@MileyCyrus Hi, my name is Amanda and I'm a big fan from Brazil. Look, "birthday" has no Fs :) LOVE YOU! Kisses!

@souljaboy Mayara and Ana from Brazil here. We're 11 and 8 years old. Did you mean "she's not" and "she doesn't"? :)

Here’s a video about this very cute and educational idea.

(h/t CBC News)

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