Awesome Stuff From This Year’s Toy Fair

Toy Fair’s a totally weird place full of adults talking about toys, but it’s also really great because it’s… full of adults talking about toys all day! BuzzFeed was allowed to walk around the labyrinth that is New York City’s Javitts Center this weekend and scope out this year’s awesome new toys.


ID: 122664

Don’t worry plush Tom Brady, I’ll still hug you.

ID: 122668

These are guns that you load marshmallows into to shoot at things. Which is awesome.

ID: 122670

Look at this guy’s face. That’s the face of someone who knows how fun it is to shoot marshmallows at stuff.

ID: 122672

There is a really huge reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coming out.

ID: 122708

And apparently Splinter looks like this now.

ID: 122712

11. There were a ton of people riding tiny vehicles

ID: 122675

16. And lot’s of amazing statues made out of blocks

ID: 122684

Compared to the rest, this one was kind of uninspired…

ID: 122695

These are crayons! But they’re also blocks that you can stack!

ID: 122703

26. Also, there were costumes!

ID: 122714

This one seems kind of terrifying for a children’s mascot…

ID: 122718

30. And they had what’s called glitter tattoos

ID: 122740

31. Which apparently don’t come off for 5 days…

ID: 122745

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