A Teacher In Iran Went Viral After Shaving His Head To Stand Up For A Student Bullied For Being Bald

Ali Mohammadian became a national hero after he stood up for a student who went bald from a mysterious illness.

1. Ali Mohammadian, a teacher in Marivan, a city in western Iran, recently became a hero to the community. Mohammadian stood up for a boy in his class who was being bullied after going bald due to a mysterious illness.

2. Mohammadian shaved his head as an act of solidarity. According to The Guardian, this noble gesture went viral on Facebook and spread throughout Iran.

3. It spread so far that he was praised by President Hassan Rouhani, and the government even offered to support the student’s medical treatment:

Earlier this month, Mohammadian posted a picture of himself with eight-year-old Mahan Rahimi on Facebook. “Our heads are sensitive to hair,” he wrote on the social network in support of his student. “Mahan had become isolated after going bald, smile had disappeared from his face and I was concerned about his class performance. That’s why I thought about shaving my head to get him back on track.”

Mohammadian’s Facebook post soon caught the eyes of hundreds of Iranian web users. “When I logged in to my Facebook the next day, I couldn’t believe the number of people who had liked it and shared it,” he said.

4. After Mohammadian stood up for the bullied student, 23 other students joined their teacher in sporting a bald head. Samples from the boy have been sent to Germany, and he is currently awaiting a diagnosis.

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