A Side-By-Side Comparison Of How Close "The Walking Dead" Mid-Season Finale Was To The Comic

This post, obviously, is full of spoilers.

1. This awesome GIF set was put together by Tumblr user carol-on and it mashes up the end of The Walking Dead’s prison storyline in the TV show and the comic:

ID: 2097611

5. A few notes about this: In the comics, Tyrese is the one who’s beheaded instead of Hershel.

Image Comics


ID: 2097711

6. Also, the TV version of the The Governor is a lot less “evil” than the comics equivalent, who, as you can see, is very villain-y.

Images Comics


ID: 2097720

7. Also, in the comics, Rick gets his hand chopped off by The Governor, which hasn’t happened yet and it’s unclear if it ever will in the TV show. In the show they mildly allude to it with Rick’s bandaged hand.

Image Comics


ID: 2097738

8. So there you go!

ID: 2097739

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