A German Retirement Community Did A Calendar Where Seniors Amazingly Re-Created Famous Movie Scenes

This is so dang cute!

1. The Contilia Retirement Group in Essen, Germany, made what is probably the best calendar ever with a few of their seniors.

James Bond
Wilhelm Buiting, 89

ID: 2320134

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Marianne Brunsbach, 86

ID: 2320135

3. According to German press, 5,000 calendars were printed.

Erna Rütt, 86, und Alfred Kelbch, 81

ID: 2320136

Erwin J. von der Heiden, 80

ID: 2320137

5. And they were given out to residents of the senior center, along with relatives and staff.

Mary Poppins
Erna Schenk, 78

ID: 2320138

The Seven Year Itch
Ingeborg Giolbass, 84, und Erich Endlein, 88

ID: 2320139

7. The oldest senior involved with the calendar was 98 years old!

Blues Brothers
Lothar Wischnewski (left), 76, and Margarete Schmidt, 77

ID: 2320140

Martha Bajohr, 77

ID: 2320141

9. The calendar models were interviewed about the project and said it was a ton of fun to dress up as their favorite actors.

Joanna Trachenberg, 81, und Horst Krischat, 78

ID: 2320142

Saturday Night Fever
Irmgard Alt, 79, und Siegfried Gallasch, 87

ID: 2320143

11. The shoot was done with professional stylists and photographers to make sure everything looked as cool as possible.

Dirty Dancing
Johann Liedtke, 92 und Marianne Pape, 79

ID: 2320144

Easy Rider
Walter Loeser (left), 98, und Kurt Neuhaus, 90

ID: 2320145

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