29 Breathtaking Photos Of Hurricane Sandy’s Devastation

Monday night Hurricane Sandy touched down in New York and New Jersey and wrecked havoc, causing massive flooding and millions of dollars in damage. MTA Chairman Joseph J. Lhota said of the storm, “In 108 years, our employees have never faced a challenge like the one that confronts us now.”

1. Atlantic City / Via http:/ / Getty
ID: 666442

2. Manhattan going dark

ID: 666443

3. Times Square as seen from a blacked-out lower Manhattan

ID: 666445

4. A dark Manhattan as seen from Brooklyn

ID: 666444

5. The Empire State Building eerily illuminates a black Manhattan skyline

ID: 666447

6. A transformer explodes on 14th Street during the height of the storm.

ID: 666448

7. Security camera footage of the Hoboken PATH station as waters rush in

ID: 666449

8. Gantry State Park in Long Island City

ID: 666451

9. Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn, which is now in the East River

ID: 666452

10. Rising waters flooding Ground Zero / Via http:/ / AP
ID: 666454

11. Snorkeling in Greenpoint

ID: 666455

12. A flooded parking garage in the Financial District / Via http:/ / Getty
ID: 666457

13. A deserted and illuminated Times Square

ID: 666458

14. Cars floating in a submerged parking garage on Stone Street, lower Manhattan.

ID: 666463

15. Flooding in the East Village

ID: 666464

16. The 86th Street N station

ID: 666471

17. Ambulances race to evacuated NYU Medical Center as reserve power fails

ID: 666476

18. A flooded subway station at 148th Street/Lennox Terminal

ID: 666477

19. Fires in Queens during the early hours of Tuesday morning

ID: 666482

20. A 700-ton tanker on Staten Island moved a mile from where it had been moored

ID: 666487

21. Breezy Point, Queens, after massive fires destroyed 50-plus homes / Via http:/ / AP
ID: 666496

22. Hurricane Sandy leaves a rainbow over Manhattan as it dissipates

ID: 666507

23. Another shocking photo of the debris left by fires in Breezy Point, Queens / Via http:/ / AP
ID: 666508

24. Brooklyn Battery Tunnel flooded, Tuesday morning

ID: 666512

25. Laguardia Airport, Tuesday morning

ID: 666514

26. A time lapse taken from the top of the New York Times building of the storm rolling into the city

ID: 666515

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