22 Super Short YouTube Clips For Every Kind Of Bad Mood

Why get angry when there’s a YouTube clip that’s under 30 seconds that can do it for you?!

1. When somebody messed up big time.

ID: 401192

2. When you’re really frustrated.

ID: 401196

3. When you’ve had it up to here!

ID: 401199

4. When someone’s just not getting it.

ID: 401223

5. When the worst possible thing that could have ever happened happens.

ID: 401213

6. When something is a massive letdown.

ID: 401218

7. When you see a Kim Kardashian story on your newsfeed.

ID: 401205

8. When everything goes to crap.

ID: 401457

9. When you hear literally the lamest joke ever.

ID: 401794

10. When you realize something very, very bad is going to happen.

ID: 401264

11. When you get really bad news.

ID: 401267

12. When you just aren’t putting up with anyone’s crap today.

ID: 401474

13. When you have to explain something over and over again and they still don’t get it!

ID: 401500

14. When someone says something so stupid you can’t even believe it.

ID: 401513

15. When “boo” is the only proper response.

ID: 422410

16. When someone says the didn’t like the first season of The OC.

(seriously, that show was amazing)

ID: 401802

17. When no one is listening to you and you’re just like “ugggghhhhh.”

ID: 422412

18. When everything is completely falling apart.

ID: 422420

19. When your entire day is ruined.

ID: 422558

20. When someone blames you for something you never did.

ID: 422671

21. And lastly, for when you’re literally speechless.

ID: 422585

22. But of course, if all else fails…

ID: 401979

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