What Happens When You Eat Mentos And Drink Coke Leads The Daily Links

Plus the year in hot dog innovation, 13 pop stars who sang for dictators, and Frasier… with lasers.

What happens when you eat Mentos and drink Coke? Spoiler alert: It ain’t pretty. - [Uproxx]

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“Let it never be said that our nation stood still while others carried forth the banner of progress”: The year in hot dog innovation. - [The Atlantic Tech]

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People are mad at Jennifer Lopez for singing “Happy Birthday” to the authoritarian leader of Turkmenistan. But she’s just one of 13 pop stars who sang for dictators. - [The Cut]

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Creative reuse at its most gorgeous: Check out these 10 houses made from shipping containers. - [Remodelista]

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The gay male flight attendant has long been entrenched as a stereotype. But how did that happen? - [Slate]

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Furry boots. Tiny, tinted sunglasses. And other fashion trends everyone totally regrets. - [Refinery29]

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In the mood for something magical? Watch this time-lapse video of San Francisco’s fog. - [HuffPost Arts & Culture]

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It’s Frasier. With lasers. Don’t overthink it. - [Death and Taxes]

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