There’s A DJ School For Babies In Brooklyn Now

Even though babies are, you know, babies. (h/t HyperVocal)

1. This new VICE short tells the story behind DJ and composer Natalie Elizabeth Weiss’s Baby DJ School, which opened in Brooklyn in September.

ID: 2387698

2. Weiss says that she got the idea for Baby DJ School when she was babysitting a 1 1/2 year old boy.

ID: 2387975

3. She had her laptop and MIDI trigger with her for a gig later that night and asked him if he wanted to see how it works, and he loved it.

ID: 2387940

4. According to the school’s Facebook page, the three-month program “transforms the ordinary Mommy-and-me sing-along experience into an educational escapade into the wonderful worlds of electro, hip-hop, and house.”

Weiss also claims that Baby DJ School “increases gross and fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, language skills and fosters a special bond between caretaker and baby because they are both learning a new skill!”

ID: 2388690

5. Of course, not all the babies are actually interested in wearing headphones.

ID: 2387973

6. And they don’t all have the healthy appreciation for vinyl that they should.

ID: 2387981

7. But all in all, the kids do seem to have a pretty darn good time.

ID: 2387978

8. Weiss hopes to use the work she’s doing at Baby DJ School to help her in her own musical career.

ID: 2388415

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