The World’s First Electronic "Romance Pants" Lead The Daily Links

Plus the Soup Nazi takes on the gun lobby, a brilliantly insane McDonald’s promo, and Fraggle Rock’s bizarre obsession with death.

So these are “Romance Pants.” They, um, set the mood. - [Betabeat]

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Does the Soup Nazi like it when his image gets used in anti-gun control propaganda? No, no he does not. NO SOUP FOR YOU. - [Page Six]

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Where did Pabst get its blue ribbon, and what does Budweiser have to do with it? The story is more contentious than you might think. - [mental_floss]

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Two years after the tsunami, the Japanese city of Namie-machi is still abandoned. But Google mapped it, and now you can take an eerie look around. - [The Atlantic Cities]

Google Maps

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Sure these Fraggles look happy. But as a new supercut shows, they absolutely could not stop talking about death. (Really.) - [Death and Taxes]

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Can an Asian woman be taken seriously in rap? Meet New York’s Awkwafina. - [The Cut]

Photo by Elyssa Goodman courtesy of The Cut

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Wow, this Japanese McDonald’s promo sure makes working there look like fun. Let’s ALL join the “Dancing McCrew”! - [RocketNews24]


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This ring was discovered at an ancient Roman archaeological site in the 1700s. And it just might have been Tolkien’s inspiration in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. - [Yahoo Movies UK]

Photo by The National Trust courtesy of Yahoo News UK

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