The New ‘Breaking Bad’ Episode As Told In Emoji Leads The Daily Links

Plus the 32 best break-up songs of all time, how to make your very own ramen burger, and posters for all the fake movies from Seinfeld.

“Blood Money”, the Breaking Bad midseason premiere, as told in emoji: This is beyond brilliant. - [Co.Design]

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No, these people aren’t in a movie together. But if all the fake movies from Seinfeld were actually made, this is what the posters might look like. - [NextMovie]

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Breaking up is the worst. But break-up songs? They’re kind of the best. - [Refinery29]

ID: 1505259

Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad blowing stuff up with the Mythbusters crew: Yeah, that sounds pretty fun. - [Gamma Squad]

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Can’t figure out whether or not you’re good in bed? Don’t worry: There’s an app for that. - [YourTango]

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This man is a “shark whisperer”: He can put a shark to sleep by rubbing its nose. - [Daily Mail]

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Dying to try the suddenly famous ramen burger? Here’s how to make one at home. - [PopSugar Food]

ID: 1505291

Back in 1998, New York City mob boss John Gotti had some advice to his grandson on how to make it in baseball. Needless to say, it wasn’t too wholesome. - [BroBible]

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