People Are Taking Naked Photos Of Themselves To Show Support For The Israel Defense Forces

They’ve written “I Love IDF” across their bodies. NSFW.

In the midst of a bloody conflict, a bizarre new trend has emerged: naked selfies in support of The Israel Defense Forces.

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Two Facebook pages have been set up: One collecting photos of naked women, and one of naked men.

Facebook: StandingWithIDFMen

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The selfie takers are snapping themselves half-naked with messages of support for the IDF written across their bodies.

Facebook: StandingWithIDFMen

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It all started when Gavriel Beyo, a 27-year-old from Tel Aviv, set up the first “Standing With IDF” Facebook page.

Facebook: StandingWithIDFMen

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The page gained over 12,000 “likes” in just three days.

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Beyo told BuzzFeed that he wanted to make the world understand that despite the conflict, “neither Israel nor the IDF is a horror story.” Asked why he decided to start the page, Beyo said: “You can say I was trying to romanticize IDF and Israel.”

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The description Beyo includes on the Facebook page states that every month one IDF soldier who has “liked” the page will get the “special treatment” because “girls love heroes.”

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It also says that the people sending in the photos are “fighting for the Israeli front,” telling the IDF that they will “win this battle of beauty for you.”

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The page then directly address the IDF: “Dear beloved IDF soldiers, we are here as an act of appreciation, you do not need to wait for 72 ugly virgins, you are our heroes. The beauty of Israel girls is waiting for you, here back home. Come back to us.”

Facebook: StandingWithIDF

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Beyo said since the fighting began thousands of photos had been sent to him, and that he’s received messages from IDF soldiers saying that the photos “reminds them what they are fighting for.”

Facebook: StandingWithIDFMen

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According to Beyo: “After an operation the whole unit looks at the page instead of calling home or even taking a shower/eat.”

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One day after Beyo set up his page, someone started a male version.

Facebook: StandingWithIDFMen

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The photos that are shared on the second page feature naked men with heart shapes and “IDF” written across their bodies.

Facebook: StandingWithIDFMen

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Many of the men and women are Israeli, but the pages have also received contributions from people around the world, including places such as California.

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The IDF has yet to comment on the Facebook fan pages.

Facebook: StandingWithIDFMen

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Rossalyn Warren is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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