A Photographer Found These Long-Lost Photos Of Mothers 50 Years After He Took Them

Ken Heymen shot these beautiful photographs of mothers with their children from around the world.

Ken Heyman, a renowned and award-winning 83-year-old photographer, recently had a bit of a shock.

Ken Heyman / Via

He received a call from the office of his former agent, Woodfin Camp.


As they were closing their storage facility, they [had] found many of Heyman’s old documents.

Ken Heyman / Via

One of the things that they discovered was a box with the word “Mothers” written on it.

Ken Heyman / Via

Inside the box was a collection of Heyman’s long-lost photographs that he took of mothers and their children.

Ken Heyman / Via

The photographs were 50 years old.


They beautifully documented motherhood from around the world.


He shot many of the photographs for a book called Family that Heyman created with anthropologist Margaret Mead in 1965.

Ken Heyman / Via

The book was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize the same year.

Ken Heyman / Via

On his website Heyman explains that Mead invited him to Bali where he started taking the photos.

Ken Heyman / Via

He has now worked in over 60 countries.

Ken Heyman / Via

You can see the rest of the beautiful photographs below.


You can view the rest of Ken’s photographs on his website and stay updated with his work on his Facebook page.


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Rossalyn Warren is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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