25 Signs You Sat The Bench

Many of us weren’t first, second, or third string in high school.

1. You won “Most Improved” every year.

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2. You knew the cheers better than the cheerleaders did.

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3. This was how you looked to the starting quarterback.

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4. You did your best thinking during those four quarters.

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5. You knew EXACTLY where everyone sat in the student section.

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6. Your coach wasn’t entirely sure what your name was.

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7. But when they finally called it out during a game, you were just like…

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8. Your bench warmer bestie was everything.

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9. You still didn’t understand all the rules of the game.

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10. This happened during the ten seconds you played that one time.

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11. You DEMANDED high fives.

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12. You always got a full eight hours.

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13. All you wanted was a little attention.

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14. …Just a little.

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15. Your grandma was your No. 1 fan.

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16. You talked a lot of trash because you never had to back it up.

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17. You just couldn’t get it together.

ID: 1251452

18. Sometimes you forgot people were watching.

ID: 1251482

19. You only worked hard doing fun drills at practice.

ID: 1251515

20. You couldn’t EVEN when a starter just EXPECTED you to bring them water.

ID: 1251538

21. You were secretly terrified of the sport, actually.

ID: 1251541

22. Sometimes you felt like you were watching standup, not your game.

ID: 1251545

23. You were the only one who just got it.

ID: 1251549

24. You will never un-see the injuries you saw up close, and very personal.

ID: 1251551

25. But at the end of the day, you were there to root for the home team.

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