10 Differences Between You At 25 And Your Mom At 25

“When I was your age, your younger brother was already on the way.”

1. Your mom already had 20 legit recipes up her sleeve.

ID: 1469519

I mean, you’ve at least mastered your go-to sandwich(?).

ID: 1469533

2. She helped pay the mortgage.

ID: 1469624

You ignore your student loan notices.

ID: 1469642

3. Your mom had the next five years planned out.

ID: 1469808

You may or may not be moving in two months.

ID: 1469838

4. Your mom, when she found out her best friend is getting married:

ID: 1469888

You, getting the same news:

ID: 1469910

5. Molly Ringwald was the young, cool celeb she secretly wanted to be.

ID: 1470049

Basically the equivalent of your Jennifer Lawrence.

ID: 1470086

6. How you envision her partying at 25:

ID: 1470395

How she envisions you partying at 25:

ID: 1470396

When really, you both were/are pretty much like…

ID: 1470401

7. When your mom got upset with your father:

ID: 1470420

When you get upset with your boyfriend/significant other:

ID: 1470425

8. How your mom viewed dating:

ID: 1470613

How you view it:

ID: 1470607

9. How she envisioned herself (and her family) in 20 years:

ID: 1470472

How you envision yourself in 20 years:

ID: 1470499

10. Your mom and her friends:

ID: 1470522

You and yours:

ID: 1470602

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