Meet The Most Interesting French Bulldog On The Web

Jean-Pierre knows how to strike a pose and he is not afraid to work it for the camera.

1. He knows when it is time to get his beauty sleep

ID: 2147804

2. He puts the mall Santas to shame

ID: 2147806

3. His sweater game is on point

ID: 2147810

4. The movie Fight Club is based off him

ID: 2147812

5. He enjoys the finer things in life

ID: 2147813

6. He is an avid sports fan

ID: 2147815

7. He knows the proper meaning of riding dirty

ID: 2147816

8. He goes for a five mile run every morning

ID: 2147817

9. He created zen

ID: 2147819

10. He is a chef for a five star restaurant

ID: 2147821

11. His yoga stretches are impressive

ID: 2147822

12. Breaking Bad is his weakness

ID: 2147823

13. Most importantly, he knows he is the center of attention

ID: 2147826

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