Summer Survival Guide For Gingers

Wherein we remind the lovely gingers amongst us to lube up before they go outside.

1. Summer is here

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2. For most of us, that means:

ID: 1218287

3. Picnics in the sun

ID: 1218302

4. Walks in the sun

ID: 1218410

5. Concerts in the sun

ID: 1218412

6. Bike rides in the sun

ID: 1218419

7. Naps in the sun

ID: 1218422

8. What do all these things have in common?

ID: 1218317

9. This

ID: 1218318

10. This

ID: 1218339

12. It’s a different story for gingers

ID: 1218438

13. For gingers, summer can be difficult and painful

ID: 1218349

14. They may feel like they’re on fire

ID: 1218352

15. They might feel like this

ID: 1218353

16. Or like this

ID: 1218355


ID: 1218397

18. There are already casualties…

ID: 1218362

29. Despair not, gingers!!

ID: 1218358

30. There is hope!

ID: 1218425

31. Wear sunscreen!!!

ID: 1218447

32. Because a lubed up ginger is a happy ginger

ID: 1218451

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