Joe Kennedy Is The Hottest Ginger In Congress

Joe Kennedy is the latest in a long line of Kennedys in politics. That is hot. He is also a ginger. That is hotter. Bask in the ginger hotness of Joe Kennedy. [Ed. note: This post is by a BuzzFeed user. BuzzFeed Politics has no official position on Joe Kennedy’s hotness.]

This is Joe Kennedy. / Via http://Tumblr

He is a Kennedy. He is a ginger. He is hot.

OK. We’ll pause for a minute so you can catch your breath…

Let’s review: Kennedy. Ginger. Hot

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1. He is indisputably the hottest ginger in Congress. It’s probably been proven by Science or something. / Via http://Tumblr

Red hair? Check.

Blue eyes? Check.

Perfect teeth? Check.

Square jaw? Check.

Kennedy? Check.

Hot? Double check.

ID: 820398

2. He Already Has His Own Meme!! / Via http://Tumblr

Once you have a meme, you are pretty much set for life.

Did I mention he is also a hot ginger Kennedy?

ID: 820413

3. He Works Hard!! / Via http:/ / CBS%20Boston

In a hot manner, of course.

ID: 820436

4. He Has Skills!! / Via http://NPR

Here he is gazing into a bright and prosperous future for America filled with hot, lantern-jawed, redhead gentlemen.

ID: 820447

5. He is Beloved by Adorable Children Everywhere / Via http://Justice%20For%20Kennedy

I mean for the love of God, they are adorable twins, could it get anymore adorable?

No. It can’t.

ID: 820458

6. He Has Fabulous Hair


ID: 820477

7. And a Great Sense of Humor / Via http://Global%20Post

He even laughs at awkward jokes told by your Aunt Edna.

ID: 820489

8. He Keeps His Cool When Under Pressure


ID: 820519

9. Like REALLY REALLY Cool. / Via http:/ / CBS%20Boston%20

So Cool.

ID: 820525

10. He Loves His Public. / Via http://Corbis%20Images

As much as we love him.

ID: 820557

11. He Played Football / Via http://Tumblr

Football, people. Football!!!

ID: 820567

12. He’s Even Hot When He Looks Awkward / Via http://Massachusetts%20GOP%20



ID: 820587

13. He Looks HIP (Hot In Profile)

Very few people can pull that off.


ID: 820595

14. He’ll Lend You His Umbrella. Hot. / Via http://Mass%20Live

So hot.

ID: 820625

15. He Cares. Deeply.


Did I mention hot?

ID: 820645

16. So There You have It.

Conclusive proof that Joe Kennedy is the hottest ginger in Congress.

ID: 820665

17. Joe Kennedy Approves This Message / Via http://US%20News%20and%20World%20Report

Because we need more hot gingers in Congress and in life.


ID: 820672

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