Happy Towel Day!

Don’t panic, grab your towel and celebrate the life and work of the amazing Douglas Adams.

1. May 25 is Towel Day

On Towel Day, we celebrate the life and work of the incomparable Douglas Adams, the author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.

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3. 42 Is A Special Number For Towel Day Celebrants

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4. It’s The Answer To Life, The Universe And Everything

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5. Towel Day Is Awesome For Many Reasons

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6. Towel Day Promotes Literacy

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7. #Toweling

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ID: 1209398

ID: 1209305

12. Towel Day Is Celebrated Globally

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13. Australia

ID: 1209243

14. From A Brazilian In Chinatown

Not sure which Chinatown.

ID: 1209281

15. Canada

ID: 1209365

16. Russia

ID: 1209252

17. France

ID: 1209372

18. Austria

ID: 1209256

19. Germany

ID: 1209287

20. Beautiful Young Women Like Towel Day

ID: 1209444

21. As Do Distinguished Gentlemen

ID: 1209490

22. Cats LOVE Towel Day

ID: 1209500

23. They TOTALLY DO!!!

ID: 1209508

24. Dogs Do Towel Day, Too!

ID: 1209613

25. Darth Vader Finds Your Lack Of Towel Disturbing

ID: 1209577

26. On Towel Day

ID: 1209646

27. If You Don’t Just Look For Hoopy Froods Like These And Borrow One

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