25 Life Lessons You Learned From Living In India

Happy 68th Independence Day, desis!

1. You know how to dodge your way through objects moving at high speeds, no problem.

Jaywalking is the only kind of walking you do.

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2. Crowds don’t phase you at all.

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3. Your spice tolerance is incontestable.

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4. And your digestive system is made of steel.

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5. You can bargain anything down to half its price.

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6. You’re an expert driver because Indian roads are basically obstacle courses.

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7. Speaking of roads, sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic for hours has made you extremely patient.

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8. That patience has been strengthened by Bollywood movies, all of which are three hours long…

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9. And test matches. Seriously, who else can watch the same game for FIVE. WHOLE. DAYS.

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10. “Adjust” isn’t just a word. It’s a way of life.

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11. You’re good with animals.

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12. Seriously, the phrase “urban jungle” takes on a whole new meaning.

Stuck in traffic because no one can move the elephant standing in the intersection #indiaproblems

— Mira Ahmad (@miruuuu18)

Mira Ahmad


Stuck in traffic because no one can move the elephant standing in the intersection #indiaproblems

/ Via
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13. Not only can you hold your alcohol, but you can hold some seriously questionable varieties of it.

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14. And you’re good at planning ahead, i.e. stocking up for “dry days.”

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15. After spending a monsoon in Mumbai, rainy days anywhere else are child’s play.

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16. The religious diversity means you know when all major holidays are, and you know their appropriate greetings.

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17. You’re a total team player. #BleedBlue amirite?

Bonus: You understand the rules to the most sophisticated sport ever.

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18. Trying to keep track of Indian politics has really strengthened the logic sectors of your brain.

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19. The constant threat of losing power or running out of water has made you resourceful.

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20. And dealing with your moody internet connection has made you an IT expert.

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21. You’ve experienced a wide array of toilets. Nothing can surprise you.

And, of course, the word “toilet” can be interpreted to mean street, wilderness, sidewalk, etc.

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22. You can hold your own in any shouting match.

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23. You have a massive support network of friends and relatives constantly looking out for you.

And tracking your every move.

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24. You see the world in technicolor.

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25. And if you’re ever bored, you can console yourself with the thought that, somewhere in the world, India is still happening.

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