19 Reasons The Philippines Should Be The Next Country You Visit

*Books plane tickets*

1. Because this is what peace of mind looks like.

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2. Because these are shades of blue and green that don’t even exist in the rest of the world.

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3. Because there is no sound as calming as waves washing onto a secluded beach.

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4. And nothing more relaxing than the cool shade of trees on a hot, sunny day.

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5. Because the entire world glows a perfect orange for every sunrise and sunset.

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6. Because every time the sky looks majestic and magical…

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7. The ocean reflects it.

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8. Because every dramatic turn of the landscape is more breathtaking than the last.

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9. And even its manmade additions are awe-inspiring.

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10. Because of every perfectly salty sea-breeze…

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11. And every dip into a cool, still pond.

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12. Imagine laying on this grass for hours, letting the noisy, bustling world turn without you.

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13. Imagine being surrounded by this absurdly perfect sky…

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14. Or being on this boat, afloat in a haven of peace and quiet.

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15. Or on this swing, perched over a perfect view for miles ahead of you.

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16. Because this is the ideal meeting place for the old and the new, for the modern and the traditional.

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17. Because you can spend the day in paradise…

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18. Yet re-enter the 21st century whenever you want to.

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19. And, when you do, you’ll be surrounded by the warmest, kindest, and most generous people in the world.

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