The 86-Year-Old Strand Bookstore Just Proved That Bookstores Are Not Dead

According to its Twitter account, the store had its best sales day ever earlier this week. Rejoice, book lovers!

1. Last Friday, Strand Bookstore in New York City tweeted out this picture of their crowded store, proclaiming that “Bookstores are not dead.”

2. The store went on to have a festive and eventful weekend, including a lot of holiday shopping and TWO marriage proposals.


From Strand’s Facebook page.

3. And late Monday night, the bookstore tweeted this:

4. In response, readers, writers, publishers, and book vendors are congratulating Strand, and celebrating the good news.

9. According to reports earlier this year, contrary to popular belief, print book sales are actually on the rise, and e-book sales growth has slowed down.

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