19 Puns That Only Desis Will Understand

Keep calm and curry on.

1. Which tree is always wearing an undershirt?

ID: 1594586

2. Why is it so expensive for Ravana to go clubbing?

Because the cover charge is Rs. 5,000 per head.

ID: 1592568

3. Why are desi bananas so lonely?

Because they are all a-kela.

ID: 1592654

4. What did Dominos pizza say to make its competitors go away?

Pizza HUT!

ID: 1593052

5. At a job interview at Microsoft, the interviewer asked the applicant to “name four versions of Java.”

Desi response: “Mar java, mit java, lut java, mai sadkay java.”

ID: 1592615

6. Why do desis get offended every time they take out the trash?

Because they think this sign is swearing at them:

ID: 1593431

7. Why did the desi astronaut send a rose to the moon?

Because he loved gulab ja-moon.

ID: 1592726

8. What did one milk carton say to the other?

“What’s up, dood?”

ID: 1593082

9. How do fat desis get to work?

On motacycles.

ID: 1592844

10. Why do all the vegetables have a crush on the eggplant?

Because its body is bangain.

ID: 1593228

11. Why do desis eat when they’re stressed?

Because they were told this:

ID: 1593303

12. What’s the biggest contradiction in Tamil cinema?

Rajnikant. Because there’s nothing Rajni can’t do.

ID: 1593663

13. What did one pea say to the other?

I don’t know, they were muttering.

ID: 1593119

14. What type of bread stays complete, even if you eat it?


ID: 1593635

15. What do true Bollywood fans eat?

ID: 1594029

16. Why is selling mangoes considered a humble profession?

Because mangoes are sold by the aam aadmi.

ID: 1594736

17. What do the police do to people who steal eggs?

Put them unda arrest.

ID: 1593141

18. What do you call the Indian emblem?

ID: 1594546

19. What is a desi’s favorite type of cheese?


ID: 1594767

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