21 Words That Mean Something Different With Your Best Friend

Inappropriate (adjective): Nothing.

1. “Pants”

Actual meaning: A garment worn to cover the lower half of one’s body.
BFF meaning: Strictly optional.

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2. “Fart” or “Burp”

Actual meaning: An unpleasant, unwelcome release of bodily gas.
BFF meaning: A hilarious, commendable feat of bravado.

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3. “Wild night”

Actual meaning: Getting dressed up, going out on the town, getting drunk.
BFF meaning: Getting into PJs, watching Friends reruns, getting drunk.

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4. “Texting”

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Actual meaning: Sending a message to someone’s cellular device to convey important information.
BFF meaning: A means to keep your BFF updated on every thought, meal, and bodily release you have from the moment you wake up until you fall back asleep.

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5. “Inappropriate”

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Actual meaning: Actions/words that are not suitable in the circumstances.
BFF meaning: Nothing.

ID: 3298373

6. “Joke”

Actual meaning: Words that cause amusement or laughter.
BFF meaning: Words that cause everyone around you to think the two of you are incomprehensible maniacs, while you both laugh hysterically.

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7. “Stalking”

Actual meaning: Stealthily pursuing someone.
BFF meaning: Looking up each others’ crushes on Facebook.

ID: 3298833

8. “Secret”

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Actual meaning: Something not meant to be revealed to anyone.
BFF meaning: Something not meant to be revealed to anyone EXCEPT this person. And everyone knows that. Move on.

ID: 3298492

9. “Presentable”

Actual meaning: A groomed, clothed, kempt state.
BFF meaning: Hairy legs, no makeup, unwashed hair, Cheeto dust on your fingers.

ID: 3298902

10. “Dumb question”

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Actual meaning: A question revealing your ignorance about the world. e.g. “Who is president of the United States?” or “Is Australia a country?”
BFF meaning: A question revealing your ignorance about your BFF’s love for you. e.g. “Can I come over?” or “Can I have a bite of your burrito?”

ID: 3298533

11. “Personal space”

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Actual meaning: The space immediately surrounding someone, into which others’ encroachment is unwelcome.
BFF meaning: Nonexistent.

ID: 3299241

12. “Lend”

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Actual meaning: Give something, with the assumption that it will be returned.
BFF meaning: Give something, with the assumption that it is now a shared item forever.

ID: 3298540

13. “Argue”

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Actual meaning: Debate opposing views heatedly.
BFF meaning: Decide what to have for dinner.

ID: 3298644

14. “Wardrobe”

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Actual meaning: A person’s entire collection of clothing.
BFF meaning: Two peoples’ combined collections of clothing.

ID: 3298684

15. “Telling a story”

Actual meaning: Recounting major plot-points of an incident.
BFF meaning: Obsessively providing a play-by-play narration of an incident, including every minor (and seemingly irrelevant) detail, such as what underwear you were wearing at the time, and what you’d had for breakfast the day before.

ID: 3298824

16. “Gossip”

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Actual meaning: An exchange of details about third parties, usually involving unconfirmed rumors.
BFF meaning: Every conversation you have about that one person. Bitch.

ID: 3298855

17. “Expletives”

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Actual meaning: A swear word, usually used to express anger or hatred.
BFF meaning: A term of endearment, usually used to express affection.

ID: 3298917

18. “Emergency”

Actual meaning: A serious, unexpected situation requiring immediate action.
BFF meaning: When you either can’t find something to wear, or can’t figure out what to text your crush.

ID: 3298948

19. “Phone call”

Actual meaning: A telephonic conversation between two parties.
BFF meaning: A cool way to spend three to four hours.

ID: 3298961

20. “Forever”

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Actual meaning: For all future time, permanently.
BFF meaning: The brief duration for which you intend to remain in each other’s lives.

ID: 3298943

21. “Family”

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Actual meaning: A group of people who share ancestry and lineage.
BFF meaning: Each other.

ID: 3298709

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