27 Amazing Things About Living In The Middle East

Because yallah is the original YOLO.

1. You drive past majestic architecture every time you leave your house.

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2. And the incredible natural landscapes = baller camping trips.

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3. Bonus: Dune-bashing is so fun.

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4. You get the best (and cheapest) sheesha in the world.

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5. So you can always afford to be a hookah hog.

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6. Sure, Starbucks is always an option, but you know where to get the really good stuff.

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7. All global fast food is made infinitely better by adding in some local flavor.

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8. Though nothing beats your ultimate late night craving:

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9. Punctuality is totally optional.

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10. And stress is actively discouraged.

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11. Whether or not you wear a hijab, burkah, abaya, dishdasha, kufiya, etc., you know that swag is an integral part of the outfit.

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12. There’s no better feeling than cheering on your team in the Gulf Cup.

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13. Or in the impromptu football matches that happen on the beach every evening.

And if you couldn’t find a soccer ball, a crushed soda can would do.

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14. Showering is always an interesting experience.

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15. You love waking up to the calming sound of the morning azan.

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16. You’re a great driver, because it took you five tries to pass your driving test.

But you still know to stay off the roads before Iftaar.

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17. Speaking of driving, gas prices are awesome.

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18. You enjoy your weekend while the rest of the world is at work.

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19. Your body has been trained to withstand very high temperatures.

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20. You’ve had way too much fun running around the aisles of this crazy, hyper one-stop shop.

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21. You’ve gotten really good at piecing together the plots of movies, despite the missing scenes.

Also, Arabic subtitles/dubbing makes everything more entertaining.

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22. You run into at least three people you know every time you leave home.

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23. You’ve owned so many of these over the course of your life that you’re probably protected from evil forever.

Eidoloon / Via Flickr: eidoloon
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24. Road signs and storefronts look like works of art because the Arabic script makes everything prettier.

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25. Malls, stores, homes, and restaurants all smell like bukhoor, i.e. they smell amazing.

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26. You’re constantly watching tradition and modernity interact in cool ways.

Cherkas / Via shutterstock.com
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27. And, no matter how far you go, you always know that home is where your habibis and habibtis are.

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