25 Miserable Experiences That Will Make You Glad Summer Is Ending

Goodbye frizz and bug-bites. Hello, sweater weather.

1. Your beer getting warm before you’re even halfway through with it.

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2. Pit stains.

ID: 1557666

3. Fighting a constant battle with frizz. Losing everyday.

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4. Rocking a flip flop tan.

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5. And the raccoon eyes your sunglasses left behind.

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6. Not being able to enjoy any hot food because it makes you feel like you might combust.

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7. Craving ice cream all the time, but hating it once you get some because:

ID: 1558025

8. This.

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9. Having to shave your legs more frequently than usual because pants are not an option.

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10. When everyone you know posts various iterations of this picture.

And you’re forced to wonder, each time, if you’re looking at hot dogs or legs.

ID: 1558119

11. Being surrounded by people in crop tops, who make you feel inadequate about your own midriff.

Aaaand being surrounded by people who make you feel pretty great about your midriff, but you really didn’t want to see that.

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12. All your friends going away on vacation, and the FOMO that ensues.

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13. The insect invasion.

ID: 1558283

14. The assault that Hollywood throws at your intellect in the form of awful summer blockbusters.

ID: 1558342

15. Feeling like you’re being cooked alive every time you get into a car.

Double trouble if you’re driving. Hot steering wheel + your precious hands.

ID: 1558410

16. Listening to people argue constantly about what the song of the summer is.

If you can’t stop and won’t stop, I’m gonna blur the lines between my fist and your face.

ID: 1558469

17. Confusing your body by moving between the oven that is the outdoors and the freezer that is summer air-conditioning.

Thereby risking hypothermia every time you go to work.

ID: 1558611

18. Being broke because everyone wants to go out all the time.

ID: 1558659

19. Feeling yourself bloating slowly because summer means beer.

ID: 1558661

20. When all you want is a chill day at the pool… But so does everyone else.

ID: 1558701

21. Leaving home looking somewhat human, but having all the make-up melt off your face halfway to your destination.

ID: 1558839

22. Everyone simultaneously bragging and bitching about music festivals.

ID: 1558938

23. All of your friends (or you) being emotional wrecks because of the pressure to have summer flings.

ID: 1558897

24. The perils of grilling.

ID: 1558947

25. And, worst of all, constantly complaining about the summer, knowing that you’ll want it back as soon as it’s over.

ID: 1558978

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