26 Innocent Things That Will Make You Feel Filthy

Mind, meet gutter.

1. These girls trying to commemorate their annual vacation at the lake house.

ID: 1939563

2. This couple having some fun in the great outdoors.

ID: 1939595

3. This religious text.

ID: 1939617

4. This entirely blameless stack of eggshells.

Sidenote: Why would anyone do this?

ID: 1939683

5. These pigs enjoying a meal together.

ID: 1939525

6. This well-meaning church sign extolling the virtues of prayer.

ID: 1939831

7. This Copenhagen landmark.

ID: 1939841

8. This particular experiment.

ID: 1939856

9. And these games.

ID: 1939878

10. This lint roller that promises to solve all the wrong problems.

ID: 1940050

11. This headline about freshman Ray Ball joining the University of Wisconsin football team.

ID: 1939889

12. This news segment about vibrating toothbrushes.

Watch the full hilarious video here.

ID: 1940160

13. This aquarium ad that’s probably very distracting to drivers.

ID: 1939904

14. This thrilled Grand Prix driver popping champagne.

ID: 1939935

15. And another one, “drinking it in.”

ID: 1939940

16. Actually, I think we can safely say that sports reporting, on the whole, needs to be less gross.

ID: 1939952

17. This ad for milk.

ID: 1939336

18. This family photo.

ID: 1940081

19. This extremely unfortunate elbow positioning.

ID: 1940087

20. This dip that literally nobody should be dipping anything in.

ID: 1940099

21. This very informative USA Today weather report.

ID: 1940209

22. These tweets by respected and loved televangelist Joel Osteen.

ID: 1940288

23. These toys made for children. Innocent, innocent children.

ID: 1940369

24. These terrifying comic book moments.

ID: 1940526

25. This lotion that doesn’t at all believe in false advertising.

ID: 1939968

26. And this infomercial that definitely does.

ID: 1940021

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