25 Gifts Every Twentysomething Really Wants To Receive

Happy holidays, you hot mess.

1. A job that doesn’t ever require you to show up until noon, or stay later than 5 p.m.

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2. Dishes that wash, dry, and reshelve themselves as soon as you put them in the sink.

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3. A landlord who sometimes just forgets to ask for rent.

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4. The superpower of knowing all the lyrics to every song that comes on at a party.

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5. Friends who will NEVER hang out without you.

ID: 2040201

6. Arms that stretch long enough to always reach your phone/remote/drink.

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7. Nutella that won’t make you fat or diabetic, no matter how many spoonfuls you eat while sitting in your bed in pajamas.

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8. Roommates who genuinely enjoy cleaning the entire apartment thoroughly every week.

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9. For pants to be optional everywhere…and even kinda discouraged.

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10. A bar where you walk in and the bartender says hello and asks if you’d like “the usual.”

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11. A significant other who gets along with your mom and loves buying you things.

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12. A one-touch laundry machine that sorts, washes, dries, and puts away your clothes for you.

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13. An online dating platform that filters out all creeps and constantly finds you models who want nothing but to make you happy forever.

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14. A drink that tastes like candy, keeps you at the sweet spot of drunk all night, and leaves no hangover.

ID: 2037976

15. A raise for no reason.

ID: 2037992

16. A well-reasoned and thoroughly researched opinion on all political goings on, ready to whip out whenever the subject is raised.

ID: 2038647

17. A switch that you can flip to get over your ex instantaneously.

ID: 2038663

18. For “binge-watching my favorite show and can’t get out of bed right now” to be a valid excuse to skip work.

ID: 2038720

19. A restaurant that will deliver quality Thai food to your doorstep for free at all hours of the night.

ID: 2038758

20. An active and 100% non-awkward sex life.

ID: 2039597

21. A self-renewing contact lens prescription and hair that trims itself every month.

ID: 2038769

22. Advanced technology that enables the trash to take itself out.

ID: 2038778

23. A 401(k) that fills itself up…and someone who will explain in very simple language what a 401(k) is.

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ID: 2038973

24. Thousands of Twitter followers who laugh at all your jokes, and a Klout score higher than your boss’.

ID: 2039446

25. And a letter from your parents saying, “Hey there! You were totally right — it’s much easier to find clothes when they’re strewn casually on the floor!”

ID: 2039403

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