24 Gifts People In Long-Term Relationships Actually Want To Receive

Happy Valentine’s day, sweetheart. This year I got you Netflix, wine, Cheetos, and a back rub.

1. Permanent control over the T.V. remote and/or the Netflix queue.

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2. A permanent, foolproof cure to morning breath.

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3. Back rubs and foot rubs on demand.

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4. For it to always be their turn to do the dishes.

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5. For your partner to turn a blind eye to aaaall the cool clothes you’ve stolen from their wardrobe.

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6. A non-negotiable position as your relationship’s one and only Little Spoon.

ID: 2357058

7. And one of these mattresses to make that situation easier on everyone.

ID: 2363420

8. For the two of you to hang out with your friends once a week, and with theirs once a year.

ID: 2356884

9. A “get out of hanging out with the family” card to use when you really need it.

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10. For them to keep their apartment stocked with all of your personal hygiene supplies.

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11. Breakfast in bed every Sunday morning. Black coffee and Advil on the side, please.

ID: 2357266

12. A “no questions asked” policy when it comes to bodily hair and all of its manipulation.

ID: 2357272

13. For your significant other to suddenly develop a desire to pay for… You know… Everything.

ID: 2357812

14. To hear these words every Friday night: “Wanna stay in and drink wine and watch your favorite movie??”

ID: 2357824

15. For them to concede that you are always right. Even when you are not. Sshhhh.

ID: 2357838

16. A daily, single passenger, one-way ticket to Pleasuretown, that you don’t need reimbursed.

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17. For them to suddenly develop a proclivity for doing, folding, and putting away all of your laundry.

ID: 2358291

18. For them to memorize all your favorite teams’ game schedules, and never make any conflicting plans.

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ID: 2362021

19. And, of course, to then watch all the games with you and genuinely enjoy each one.

ID: 2362072

20. For them to always be the one who has to get out of bed and turn off the light.

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ID: 2362427

21. A steady stream of undeserved and not fully accurate compliments.

ID: 2365625

22. A judgment-free zone for all your politically incorrect thoughts.

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23. An ongoing promise to always like your social media updates without your having to ask. Even the ones they don’t actually like.

ID: 2365671

24. Oh, and love.

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ID: 2365716

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