27 Everyday Decisions That Twentysomethings Are Really Bad At Making

Who needs money, sobriety, and exercise when you can have overdrafts, Prosecco, and self-loathing? #GrimeOfYourLife

1. Go to sleep at a reasonable hour, or keep watching Law & Order SVU until 5 a.m.?

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2. Actually save money this month, or buy more unnecessary shoes and alcohol?

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3. Buy reliable, long-lasting furniture, or get a Malm bedroom set from Ikea?

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4. Wake up when your alarm goes off, or snooze a billion times and forsake your breakfast and shower?

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5. Do the dishes, or just eat off paper plates indefinitely?

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6. Drink in moderation, or keep taking shots until closing time?

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7. Listen to informative podcasts on your commute, or to Yeezus?

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8. Have honest and open conversations with your roommates, or leave them passive-aggressive notes around the house?

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9. Do laundry or just buy new underwear?

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10. Go to the gym after work, or eat an entire pizza by yourself?

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11. Watch the news, or binge on Breaking Bad until all your brain cells have died?

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12. Actually bake things like people on Pinterest do, or prematurely eat the batter?

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13. Set aside time to clean your apartment, or spend all your waking hours on Tumblr?

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14. Keep a written account of your expenditure, or just cross your fingers every time you have to pay for something?

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15. Make a long-term career plan, or just get to work every morning and hope for the best?

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16. Buy groceries regularly and cook healthy meals, or become a valued customer at Taco Bell?

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17. Set aside rent money in advance, or be blindsided by the passage of time and panic?

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18. Have a professional and mature web presence, or drunk-tweet at your boss?

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19. Iron your clothes, or try to make wrinkled-chic happen?

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20. Make well-reasoned and mature romantic decisions, or Snapchat your ex at 4 a.m.?

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21. Read a book or take a nap?

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22. Take your contacts out at night, or have 20/20 vision for your nightmares and wake up blind?

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23. Make a conscious effort to keep up all your friendships, or just repeatedly interact with the friends you live closest to?

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24. Keep track of your student loans, or hide all your financial paperwork in a drawer marked “DO NOT OPEN”?

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25. Plan elaborate and exciting vacations with friends, or spend all of your travel-money on drinking with those same friends?

ID: 1540628

26. Monitor and control your caffeine intake, or constantly replace sleep with macchiatos?

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27. In any situation, do the mature, responsible thing, or #DGAF all day, every day?

ID: 1539643

When in doubt, #DGAF. Obviously. You’re only young once.

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