28 Everyday Decisions That College Students Are Terrible At Making

If only you could major in procrastination, coffee, and Netflix.

1. Work alone and get your studying done by 3 a.m., or go to the library with your friends and goof off until 8 a.m.?

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2. Use the campus gym, or sign up for an all-you-can-eat meal plan and take it as a challenge?

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3. Go on a culturally enriching spring break, or go on a blackout escapade to Punta Cana?

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4. Do laundry regularly, or run out of casual clothes and wear a skirt suit to class once a month?

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5. Be discerning and only join clubs that interest you, or sign up for a billion Listservs that will continue to email you long after you graduate?

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6. Do the assigned reading and speak knowledgeably in class, or SparkNotes it and hope for the best?

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7. Get a full night’s sleep before your finals, or hang out with your boo all night and fall asleep on your Scantron?

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8. Befriend the campus librarian for easy access to reference books, or befriend the campus bar’s bouncer for easy access to free drank?

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9. Do that problem set that’s due tomorrow, or decide that this is the exact time you need to do every chore you’ve been avoiding all semester?

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10. Pay attention in your lectures, or become an expert at botany on QuizUp?

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11. Make responsible romantic decisions, or hook up with someone you will most definitely run into all the damn time in class/in some club/on your floor?

ID: 2121109

12. Get a flu shot before flu season, or get sick when campus turns into a repository of germs and disease?

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ID: 2121830

13. Know how to turn down a night of debauchery, or get turnt until 6 a.m. and nap in the bathroom at your internship?

ID: 2121222

14. Have self-control while working on your papers, or spend hours procrastinating then ask for an extension?

ID: 2121588

15. Hang out in lounges and dining halls like normal kids, or insist on sneaking onto roofs and getting in trouble with campus public safety?

ID: 2121224

16. Save all your TV binging for break, or develop a new show obsession right when midterms hit?

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17. Manage your time and get enough sleep, or spend all your money at the campus Starbucks just to stay awake until 2 p.m.?

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18. Keep track of your finances, or spend all your money on partying and not be able to afford any textbooks?

ID: 2121355

19. Do every reading when it’s assigned, or go into social hibernation before the final to learn four months’ worth of info in three days?

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20. Set ground rules for your suite, or end up hating the biffles you chose to live with?

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21. Start thinking about your career prospects early, or scramble to get an unpaid internship your senior year?

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22. Make the most of your semester abroad, or treat it like a six-month party enhanced by open container laws?

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23. Make your own drinks, or trust the frat house jungle juice and wake up with no recollection of the last three days?

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24. Wake up when your alarm goes off, or skip one class and then decide you’re taking the whole day off?

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ID: 2121722

25. Spend your summer doing something meaningful, or rewatch every episode of The O.C. for no reason?

ID: 2121739

26. Be attentive at your school’s sporting events, or take too many shots of school spirits and black out?

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ID: 2121134

27. Do groceries and learn how to cook, or sustain yourself on Nutella and free pizza?

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28. Make responsible decisions and graduate cum laude, or make regrettable decisions and learn life’s greatest lessons?

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